About Us

ResistSTL is an organizing space where individuals can come together to organize around the leadup and aftermath of the 2020 election. ResistSTL rejects the myth of American Exceptionalism and knows that our democracy is a fragile thing that must be guarded and defended to prevent the descent into fascism. 

ResistSTL recognizes that we live in a settler colonial society. We know that the violent imperialism of the American government did not begin with this administration. In fact, our current president is the logical conclusion of the right wing’s decades of careful consolidation of power. 

We believe that fascism and genocide are intolerable. Our lives have value. The lives of our friends and neighbors have value, and we are worth fighting for. To achieve this, we must think strategically, organize effectively, and mobilize massively. To win, this kind of action needs to be sustained, non-hierarchical, and transformative. And along the way, we intend to build the world we want to live in.

Our Structure 

ResistSTL is one piece in a nationwide network of groups, all working to protect their individual communities and our larger society from the catastrophic effects of a fascist, genocidal regime. Each nationwide chapter of the resistance is fully autonomous while working in collaboration and solidarity with the others. 

We know that we cannot organize against fascism by recreating the same power dynamics in our movement. ResistSTL aims to empower everyone with the tools and support to resist effectively. Our movement’s power comes from the fact that it is nonhierarchical, leaderless, and decentralized. ResistSTL is built on the model of working groups and spokes councils that are autonomous and accountable to each other. The diagram below illustrates how a spokes council is used to convey information and achieve consensus effectively within a large group.